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Please mark out space for the development of musical creativity among young people!
Shtanko Eugene – Pechora, Russia
April 20, 2017 the Supreme Court declared extremist activity “Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia” and banned its operation. The court also ordered to pay to the state property of the organization, including and real estate.

We, representatives of active youth of the city Pechora and sympathizers, urge to transfer the confiscated building to the balance of the sector of youth policy for the further development there is a basis for the development of amateur music groups. It will be a great help for the creative enthusiasm of talented and ambitious musicians, as very large number of them are forced to live in apartments and try to build in a creative neyute. To all the above, we can add that the availability of such a database will give an educational and cultural impetus for beginning musicians, who will be able to find like-minded people to gain experience in the field of works, performances, work with the equipment and organization of events.
Citizens, do not be indifferent! It is possible that this building will open another store or alkomarket, so think about what is best for the future of our city?
In principle, it will be enough and other premises, this building is given as one example.
This petition will be delivered to:
The administration of the municipal district “Pechora”
State Property Committee
Sosnora Andrey Mihaylovich

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