Bulgaria: Slander and terror.

(Revelation 12:10) . . .the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God!

(John 16:2-3) . . .In fact, the hour is coming when everyone that kills YOU will imagine he has rendered a sacred service to God. 3 But they will do these things because they have not come to know either the Father or me. . .

Video and translation below:
Translation of the video, sorry for any mistake, English is not my native language.

0:48 This battle scenes happened at a protest
against the sect Jehovah witness in Burgas. VMRO had
organized demonstration against the sect movement but
later on they were joined by people living in the
complex, football fans and more. in the place where
the temple is build. The sect for years builds tension
in Burgas and the ones most hurt are the people living
in Slavejkov (the living complex). The building is
close by a school and parents are afraid for their
children as it is well known that in the so called
“Kingdom” they brainwash the young and mentally weak.
1:25 (Man speaking) What to say… our children live
and grow up here… I just don’t have words to
1:31 (Niko Stoyanov) We protest against the people who
are inside, against their leaders who stole the life
and souls of many innocent Bulgarians
1:41 The protesters said that they can not take it
anymore after the last couple of days the sect very
actively distributed newssheets in people houses and
urged citizens to join their cause. Aggression of the
people from the complex was expressed this way,,,
the building was bombarded with christmas and smoke
2:05 (megaphone) Before and Now, sects are mafia.
2:09 Police arrived at the scene. Also and Ambulance
who took five of the injured to the hospital. Some of
the protesters were taken to the police for
questioning. In the building there were many followers
as they were celebrating Easter by their own twisted
2:26 (Daniele Gale) We want to celebrate the death of
Jesus Christ, to understand the sacrifice he made.
2:33 Its not coincidence that the temple was build
close to a school and children home. By documents (the
temple) is an office but here for many years sect
sermon take place. This sect in Burgas was build with
the help of the ex-mayor Kostadinov who gave the permit
for the building. Neither the many protests and
complaints of the people living here, stopped the
building of the “Satanic” temple. Neither the suicides
and the human tragedies that followed…
3:00 (Valentin Kasabov) Many people were terrified
when the Witness members went to the schools and
forced little kids, 4th, 5th grade to suicide by
the end of school and we have this on tape, and we’ve
played them on television CKAT… if they don’t killed
them self’s, them they will kill their parents, Then we
managed to save two children, one was Stanimira, who
is 20th something years now, I had a meeting with her
and she still could not shake off this nightmare…
the violence against her and her mother who was a
worker in factory here, they went to their home, they
were threaten…
3:38 (Mother) …the organization named Jehovah…
Dear Mothers… Dear Dear parents… keep your little
children save… I could not save mine
3:57 (Georgi Kostadinov) that I could say about Jehovah
witness is I have been personally distressed, a really
close friend of mine just for 2 or 3 years after they
lured him in the sect… actually I could not even
call it a sect, its a whip for the society… only for
couple of years he became different person, he changed
and after that he took his own life.
4:25 The Jehovah members brainwash their victim with
songs and kind words, they hate national symbols and
raise suicide into a cult. And while they are still
here, this incident most likely won’t be the last one.

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